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Welcome to Don Wood’s Model Railroading home page.

I am here to help you with your CMRI system. I do not sell cards or kits. I can build your cards for an hourly fee based on your boards purchased from Bruce or kits from Marc (see Links above). I offer no other service than my time.


The C/MRI is a process control system that has been taylored to the model railroader.  

The C/MRI is also being used by various individuals to enhance their businesses.  One example is total control of a greenhouse to turn on fans, open window vents, lighting control, as well as monitoring and watering the plants.  Another user runs a large Christmas display.

Simply said, the computer can read switch positions, block detection, CTC panel command, yard panels, lock keys, dual control turnouts, directional control, OS sections and even mouse clicks on the monitor displays. Outputting to the railroad allows turnouts to be aligned, and signaling from simple to the most complex arrays you can imagine. The system works with DC trains including a cab control system which is a very close match to the newer DCC control systems for train operations. It is the perfect system to implement with any DCC manufacturers on the market.  Additionally, grade crossing control and animation is easy to accomplish with the computer interface.


This site is here to assist you in building your C/MRI to accomplish what you want the operations of your railroad. The C/MRI is a building block system.  Features can be added as you implement.  There are links to websites that will give support, ideas and products. CTCParts provides the tools to build that perfect CTC machine. Many software examples are available from Dr. Chubb’s manuals.  Also the JMRI user’s group is a software GUI that can put the system into operation.

Software experts are also available that can guide or design your software applications. As you go through the pages, you will start to see just how flexible and incredible the system really is.

Your DREAMS will be realized.


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